Posted on: March 26, 2020

Homily for Fifth Sunday Of Lent

                                          March 29, 2020


The Fifth Sunday Of Lent


“Lazarus, Come Out!”

A loud Voice was heard in the Region of Bethany,

A Voice that calls for life,

A Voice that calls life out of the tomb of death.


Let us imagine our name being called…

Echoing throughout the age of time, to you and me – to all of us now;

“Come Out!”

Come out from the tomb of our doubt;

Come out from the tomb of fear of today!

Come out from the tomb of our skepticism,

When we question whether life is truly at the end

Beautiful and worth living.

Come out from the indifference,

From that dullness of our heart.

Come out from the cynicism that holds us back

When we think:

“But…after all… it’s all the same,

Whether Jesus truly is REAL or not,

It won’t change my life now, it won’t change our situation now.

Come out from that sense of nothingness

And let us be unbound from our bandages of stiffness and superficiality, tiredness, excuses,

From our daily action of faith

And come to life – awake, Oh Heart, to the new day!

Return to your passion, Oh Heart of mine

A passion; intensity of the heart that gives meaning,

Gives reason to our days, to our action!

Christ calling Lazarus out of his tomb fulfills Ezikiel’s prophesies,

“I am going to open your graves

I will put my spirit within you and you shall live”.

Come out to life, rise from the death of our slumber, from our vices and addictions,

From the unbelief that it is possible

To find joy and happiness again! Life again…

So we can ask ourselves, enlightened by the Word of God of today’s reading;

What is my tomb – the grave that holds me from recognizing God as my Happiness,

God as my true Joy and certainty now?

What defines me now?

May it be God, God as my Destiny,

God as his presence to me, embracing me now.


If Jesus call us out of the death of our heart,

He also weeps;

He weeps for Lazarus.

He weeps also for us, for me and you

When we stay in our tomb of darkness,

Our comfortable zone by being indifferent to what is all around us.

So he calls us while he weeps -

To weep is the expression of affection for someone;

If I weep for a friend, it is because I care for that friend.

Jesus weeps for us, you….me because he cares for each one of us.

He calls us because he wants us.

This love of God for us is not an abstraction,

But is as real as the tears of a cry,.

Real as the sound of a voice.

He claimed Lazarus to be his;

You are mine; you belong to me – to life.


He has a claim to our hearts;

He wants our hearts to be alive with him because he loves us.

He loved us first.

This is a fact – as big as a mountain,

A fact through which our path,

Our life, our experience, our choices,

Our awareness, must go through.

God loved us first;

None of us can pull this fact away from the fabric of our being.

We have been called.

Christ chooses us. We are his particular property;

Our life belongs to him.


This resurrection of our heart

Is a miracle that happens to us

Every morning

Every day

Every night,

Because God loves us at every moment.

We are called, in a journey of Resurrection

To bring life in the world

In our families

At work

At school

But it must begin with our heart.


Fr. Alfie